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    Thin wall deep groove ball bearing installation and repair procedures


    A bearing assembly and disassembly, must be careful

    Different species, different size thin wall deep groove ball bearings, its mounting method and tool is not the same, which has a mechanical or hydraulic. Here is mainly to explain some common basic installation method and matters needing attention.

    First, not on the ball was installed, this will result in the ball and a contact surface partial overload, leading to premature bearing failure.

    Second, do not use hard tool, such as a hammer, screwdriver, strike the bearing surface, this will let the bearing outer ring or brittle fracture.

    Two, bearing cleaning

    Clean environment for bearing is very important. Thin wall deep groove ball bearing ring plane of rotation and rolling element rough surface accuracy is about 1/10μ m, so that smooth ball surface if contaminated, the effects are very serious. Rolling surface between the lubricating layer is usually 0.2~1μ m, greater than the lubricant particle diameter type impurity can be affected by the rolling elements in rolling and excessive self-aligning roller bearing steel produced in the local pressure, will eventually lead to permanent material fatigue. In addition to this, the outside environment of dust particle size is 10 μ m, also on the spherical roller bearing damage. Because of this, clean working environment for bearing is very important ah.

    Three, bearing the detection technology

    In the process of using heat to dry up by sensing the working temperature of the bearing, if it is found that the temperature exceeds the specified limit it will automatically alarm, to prevent burning shaft case. High temperature often said bearing has been in abnormal situations. High temperature also harmful to bearing lubricant. Sometimes the thin wall deep groove ball bearing overheating can be attributed to the bearing lubricant. If the bearing in more than 125℃ temperature long-term even transfer reduced bearing life. Cause of high temperature bearings causes include: may be insufficient lubrication of lubricant bearing failure, which contains impurities, high load time may also be the bearing internal clearance is insufficient oil produced friction and so on.
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